I doubt Russia is going to do more than this. They want a Russian state or at least independent state in the east part of the Ukraine. Some people say they want the land bridge to Crimea. I think Putin will get what he wants. After that I really doubt they will do anything else or invade other countries. It would be simply too much, plus the sanctions regarding food imports for example already let the prices for groceries sky rocket.

Remember, the Arab spring was also caused by high food prices. Once people go hungry they get pretty pissed off. Of course Putin will try to spin it in a way like North Korea does that everyone has to unite to stand against the evil west who causes all this hardship. All their media reports show how poor people with Russian roots get killed by the Ukraine army…

I almost understand his move to secure Crimea but what he does now with Russian troops invading east Ukraine makes little sense compared to the price he has to pay for it.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")