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ever heard Osama bin Laden are CIA reqruited ?
it sound strange now
but in late 70’s or 80’s, America are still at “cold war” with Russia
and Rusia are occupied Afganistan
Osama are Saudi citizen who want to help Afganistan people
so he just okay CIA “recruited” him
his “job” are training Afganistan “rebel” to fight Russia troop
yup… using other hand… to do dirty work
so nobody will not point their finger at America
oh and by the way
do you ever heard Iraq or Afganistan citizen are the terrorist who hijact plane in 911 ?
so why Iraq and Afganistan are attacked by America ?
it doesn’t make any sense if America accusing that invasion because of 911
so it is because of WMD or bioweapon ?
which later confirm by Bush are not exist
why don’t invade Saudi because of 911 ?
because of Saudi citizen who become suspect of 911 hijacker
is it because of Saudi is the best Ally in midle east ?
because of “Petro dollar” system deal with King Faisal ?
so OPEC also follow saudi become petro dollar supporter ?
yup… this oil business thing are really complicated