The Tanfoglios can be excellent guns.
However the 10 and .45s are lightly sprung, both recoil springs and mag springs, replace them to begin with, especially the 10mm.

We have a number of the .45s of various vintages in my hunting camp, the last one brought in was a brand new (2 years ago) wonder finish full size. It easily was hitting soda cans at 30 to 40y. Excellent gun, the safery was a bit mushy for my tastes and the edges a bit sharp but for the price, the owner wasn’t complaining. First handgun at the age of 65.

The match or hunting versions have better barrels than the standard guns, some of which exhibit 1/5 syndrome, dropping one in five out of a group for no readily apparent reason.

Do I like the CZ and Tanfoglio guns? Enough so that I’m getting matching full size and compacts each for the wife and kids.

With a little maintenance, oil and springs they are lifetime guns. Especially if lead bullets are used for practice so the barrels don’t wear out.