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actually the elite or riches are desperate enough
because thousand of way are not satisfied ( have poor result )
to erase billion people from the face of the earth
so nuke are the best and last option they have
city have no resources at all
resorces in the city are “imported” from rural or nowhere area
99% resources are in the sea, rural remote area
or even in nowhere place and never in the city
or can we say modern civilization never ever make big city in rich resource area
either because of dangerous operation
or to avoid mass protest ( environtment issues )
take an example oil rig
99% oil rig are in few hundred miles from city or even in the offshore ( sea )
why they do that ?
because of mining operation are risky and dangerous place
so avoid any disaster are a must
so human cannot make any mining operational in big city
( or build in around mining a big city )
nuclear power plant, gold mining, copper mining, steel smelter, railroad factory, cement factory, etc
you see… 99% resources and big resorces company are not in the city
so if nuclear blast all city in the earth
oil rig still there
big steel company still there
gold, copper, alumunium, iron mining still there untouch by nuke
even now they have gold vault and data center in “nowhere” place
yup contigency plan
ever heard riches ( big riches ) always avoid city as their main home ?
build big castle in remote or nowhere place ?
surrounded by fortified brick wall
24 hour guarded by lot of securities
either because of avoiding “sheeple” reach ( security reason )
or because of they are not want to somebody knew what they are doing
even if they have office in the city
they are never 24 hour in the city
they just “visit” city just once a month or even in year a long
why they have to visit city if they have CEO, director, manager, supervisor and full of staff are doing job for the rich ?
in the city they build “shortcut” to get out from city
equipped by maglev type mini train or shuttle
( if any nuclear strike will hit city they just flee )
ever heard about JFK giant bunker ?
do you ever see helipad in the roof of each big building ?
why they build that ?
yup… fast transportation for the “elite”