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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Selco wrote:</div>Hm, no I do not have too much confidence neither in those “allies”.<br>
Some of their politic is just too weird to be understand-ed ,and of course their connections with guys who rule woeld today.<br>
I do not know.

But it is common sense to expect jihadist to bring terror to Europe, even earlier then stated.<br>
It could be matter of weeks.

+1 Selco

We were discussing the death of King Abdullah on SD about a year ago, and the first reports started in Nov. 2012 so I highly doubt he spoke with John (liar-liar) Kerry last week :P


He was on life support over a year ago, and as the leader of OPEC I doubt these folks in our F’ed Govt. want him to expire! He and he ALONE defends the “petro=dollar” standard (which is the de-facto backing of the U$D) in the Arab world, and it is considered an ABOMINATION to the muslims to take fake paper money instead of Gold and Silver for money. It’s no wonder Iran broadcast news of his coma and “clinically dead” status in May of 2013.

This report is bogus to the core. Abdullah is prolly already buried.

But the possibility of an attack is high. False Flag orchestrated by TPTB though. Mark it Down.

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