There are some things that you are conveniently forgetting . The Ukraine problem was started and caused by Nikita Kruschev . If he had not redrawn the map , neither Russia or Ukraine would be having problems right now . What he did , was give ukraine part of russia , the reasons were strictly political . At the time , it wasnt a problem , as they were all part of the Soviet Union . It would be like giving Texas a small part of New Mexico , or giving Arizona a small part of Kalifornia , it would piss off the residents of the states , but at the same time , they are all still the United States . You look at the trouble spots in the Ukraine now , those areas were Russia until , good ol Nikita decided to play cartographer . Those areas NEVER wanted to be ukrainian .

If Ukraine was smart and actually gave a crap about their people , they would let them cast off and rejoin Russia , thats what the people there want to do ……..crap , let them go !!! instead of killing off your own people . The Ukrainian president is about the most worthless piece of junk you can imagine , Carter was more capable than that guy is . What western media is also not telling you , is how many Ukrainian army soldiers that have crossed the border into Russia as refugees , rather than fire on their own people . Now given that history , think of it this way , suppose you live in Arizona , and you go to sleep one night and wake up to find that your government has given you away to mexico ………..you wouldnt like that would you ? you dont want to be part of mexico . The Crimea is a different story , those people petitioned Russia , and held a legal election that was internationally monitored on the issue , they voted to become Russian and asked Putin to take them in , he is not an idiot , and did so . But it all boils down to the BEHAVIOR of the ukrainian nationalists toward the russian population in ukraine . They started it . This situation would be over already if they would let the people that want to break off , leave . Another thing , and this did happen here . When the mexican revolution was going on , just before the first world war started , we as a nation did not want it spilling over into the US , which it did from time to time , so we sent Pershing down with the army to keep an eye on it . He also went into mexico from time to time .

So we really need to take what the media is telling us with a grain of salt , our government has proven untrustworthy all around the globe as well as at home ………in the end , its not our problem ……it really isnt . THere is something to be said for minding your own business , its a european problem , let the europeans deal with it , and other than ukraine itself , the europeans dont care . Its when you stick your nose where it doesnt belong that forces you to try to save face , when you wouldnt have to if you were not there to begin with .

NATO needs to be dissolved , and our involvement in conflicts be on a case by case basis , like it was up until the end of WW2 . We are not doing anything about it ………probably because we cant , our economic situation is such that antagonizing the wrong groups of people , specifically , the ones that hold our debt , could be a disaster . BRICS again , who is in BRICS ? China and Russia . Who holds a dangerous chunk of our debt ? China does . Could they dump the dollar , stop buying our debt and crash our economy ? Yes they could . We have to be careful . If it was some no name nation , with nothing over our head , we would be there full force already . The old saying ” pick your battles ” , well Ukraine is just not worth it . Just Sayin .