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capacitor actually the eaziest thing
we just need alumunium / copper sheet or plate ( can be alumunium foil from bakery stuff )
few sheet of mica or mylar ( like OHP sheet )
or can be glass ( leiden jar… 18 century bottle capacitor )
making homemade battery also another interesting project
can be simple table salt battery
copper and alumunium plate ( can be nicle or dime and alumunium coin )
adding salt in water… and it’s done
we can light LED led by attaching 4-5 salt battery in series, so we can have “free” lighting
actually this idea for emergency only…
because we have different kind of battery which can last up to 5 year or even more
NiCd, NiMH, Li ion, Flooded Lead Acid Battery, Sealed Lead Acid Battery
plus Solar Cell, have simple electricity to light LED, radio, wifi, laptop, smartphone
we can use smartphone for other function beside communication
( in SHTF situation big chance that cell phone tower will not work )
such as photo or video storage and viewer, music player
and even as important daily life function
digital clock, calender, calculator, notes, etc