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oke… which saudi king have this speech ?
King Abdullah ?
this is some news about King Abdullah condition few month ago ( a year ago )
you decide it for your self… if he really can make any speach with this condition ?
( it’s a matter of credibility and truth of news we are talking about… nothing more )


King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Of Saudi Arabia Reported To Be ‘Clinically Dead’
The Huffington Post UK
Posted: 28/05/2013 16:39 BST Updated: 29/05/2013 15:33 BST

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is clinically dead, according to reports from London-based journalist working for Asharq Alawsat (reported on Press TV).
The Saudi Arabian monarch, who has not been seen publically for many months, is reported to have been dead since Wednesday following failure of his heart, lungs and kidneys.
The king is said to be alive only because of the use of a ventilator, however no official word on his condition has yet emerged from Riyadh.
The royal, who turned 89 this year, has been in declining health for many years. Reports in 2012 suggesting that he had died transpired to be false.
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