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74 this is different how from any other cut throat business? If you dont know who they are you will make a mistake when you are desperate to get an item, wrong person to contact and each contact they make for you cost you more $$ cause everyone wants a cut. Think retail vs wholesale vs manufacturer or importer, which level do you want to buy from? It was not asking you to hang out with them but to know them, if you have limited interaction ie buying items from them at least you are not an unknown and you have practice with interactions such as these which are common place in a collapsed society.

Yes they do know you you think they have time to check you out? watch you like on tv? you are kidding right? You are also thinking street thug… not right guy… the right guy will have a good business, as a cover will be respected member of community..will just have thugs hang around occasionally at his place… know anyone like that? He will be the boss man older guy mid 40 to later 50 with younger “crew” to do the work.