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i thing i will make digital library or some “manual book” library
including chemistry, physics, mechanics, etc
if the nuclear war really hit…
we will losing many “technique”, even the simplest one
thanks to mass producing era
that lot of people not knowing anymore
to produce even simple thing like soap or candle
( even if they know how to manufacturing it,
still they have no idea about homemade lot of “ingredient” )
for an example
how to make homemade caustic soda or lye
which have chemical formula NaOH
( we need lye to convert fat or oil to become soap
or even diesel engine fuel / biofuel )
to some extent we cannot just homemade silicon chip computer processor
even in making DIY simple transistor, we still need some chemical and special equipment and technique…
maybe vacuum tube are the easiest one
we just need simple furnace, piece of glass ( we can salvage it from glass window, etc ), alumunium plate, nichrome or tungten wire
( we can salvage it in incandescence lamp or any heating element )
for some reason, i already have ( or will buy ), few 20 century tech, like :
Solar cell
just expose it on sun ray… it’s done… we have electricity
no moving part… no oiling required… no special anything
even we dont have to buy expensive charge controller
just one simple diode and stick it to 12 v battery… it’s done
Outdoor wifi
which have range up to 15-50 km, like cheap TP Link 5210
easy to setup, plus solar cell it can run well in any condition
suitable for mobile SHTF station or even post SHTF event,
when existing copper or fiber opting are not existing anymore,
we have simpe wireless device which can send and receive data, video, voice, foto… anything… even simpe SOS beep
LED Lighting
we just need some cable and stick it to any battery available
no resistor required if we have correct voltage match
it run “cooler”, brighter and energy efficient
have lifespan uo to 50.000 hour…
that’s 15 years life or more
( no other lighting device can handle that long )
yup lot of knowledge back to early 60 ‘s or 70’s
or even “steam engine” era
but we still have reliable 20 century gadget