Just like you to focus on the dollar value than to appreciate something for the engineering masterpiece it is.. :)

Not that I can afford such a thing, but the price to me was inconsequential when compared to the blend of skills that had to come together to create such a thing. Engineering brilliance meets artistic brilliance. The maths involved – just to design the gears. The goldsmith, the stonecutter, the glassmaker, the metallurgist – the guy who made the tiny springs that power the watch to this day… and then the man who brought it all together and built this marvel… it’s a product of The Guilded Age and we won’t be seeing any more made. Probably ever. It’s easier to substitute quartz for rubies. Easier to chuck a battery in there than make a spring the thickness of a cat’s whisker that’s two feet long when uncoiled, but will power a watch for decades… easier to make something that beeps instead of actually making a set of gongs struck by a set of tiny hammers… (in case you were wondering, if you look at the picture I included, the red arrows point to the dual hammers that sound the chimes. The yellow arrows point to the actual gongs – two tempered steel wires in the shape of a circle, on on top of the other and securely mounted with tiny screws. Took me a bit to figure it out, but I think that’s what they are… )…


It brightens my day as well. Amazing that men can dig up rocks, refine them into various metals and gems, and then fashion them all into something as complicated and beautiful as that… just knowing such a thing was made, once upon a time, makes me feel better…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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