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we have similarities here…
manual or “low tech” device amaze me with curiosity
( this curiosity lead me to studying “high tech” like electronic circuit and computer )
sometimes i even wonder
how does simple device doing “marvelous” job
without any electricity ? fuel ? anything ?
take an example hydrolic jack which can lift car, truck
even building with eazy pumping action
i have to wonder what thing in it
that can make this jack lift 1 Ton or more weight
at the end, we are not only studying mechanics
also physics… hydro dynamic and hydro static pressure
maybe in post SHTF ( even in SHTF situation it self ),
this “low tech” device will do the job better
( than doing only by hand )
yup… in crumbling system, environtment, no electricity, no pipe running water, no nothing including fuel for running car
we are “forced” to make many creative thing
to “rebuild” society
i thing this is important role for us…
beside prepare and “saving” our family from SHTF situation
Selco ever mentioned it in one article
about some wooden lever mechanism to make orange juice or whatever that used by some people in his area
that working well although its “funny looking”