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Good question, but I’m not sure of the answer. I’m heading out shortly to a friend’s camp for a couple days, and will ponder this. I initially thought I wished I had moved to VT when I was young and bought a large acreage in the country then. Fruit trees would be mature by now and I’d be much more ingrained into the community, but had I done that, I likely wouldn’t have had the career I had and might still be working on account of not having been in a position to retire early like I did. For every action there is a reaction so to speak.

Back when I was 15 I got a job scrubbing pots in a corporate cafeteria after school, and then did other assorted things there on snow days, holidays etc. Like any teen I was always wishing for time to go by,,,, can’t wait to be old enough to drive, can’t wait to go to college type stuff. There was a kindly old woman working with me who was about 70 though at 15 she seemed like 100 to me being she was older than my grandparents. She had to work because her husband was sick and somehow they needed the money. One day she says to me “Bobby, don’t be wishing your life away, soon enough you’ll be as old as me and wanting these days back again.” I never forgot that and now I’m in my early 60’s so those years did slip away. Back then I heeded her message, but now I see a second message in it to not be wishing I hadn’t lived my life in the manner I did. Yes I could be in a better position than I am in now but different decisions might have had unintended consequences and maybe I wouldn’t be in as good a position as I am. Still, getting that country acreage when I was young sure does seem like it would have been a good way to go…..