I think we should get comfortable that nobody has real anonymity anymore in the future. That is, unless there is a drastic change in our society and we get rid of the ruling elite but given our current culture there would be just some other power hungry individuals jumping in and filling the gap.

Its pretty crazy how well Facebook detects faces already or if anyone uses an Android phone how Google Now knows where you live, work and what you are interested in.

I still have hope we can change a couple of things before everything collapses but privacy is a lost battle in my book unless you really invest a lot of time and effort and do not screw up even once.

For example I recommend creating a complete different online persona for everything you do online. If possible also use different computers to either interact with real life friends and family or with everything else using that new persona. At the end of the day this is often a lot to manage and quite inconvenient. Not sure if its worth it unless you do something criminal and law enforcement is out to get you.

There is still a chance to hide in the big amount of data that is collected by being pretty average.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")