Sound advice Novus. We went a bit in debt now for our homestead but should be out of it early next year hopefully. We really only build what we can afford that we do not end up paying too much interest. We dont need much anyway.

Great topic Whirlibird, I had to give up all my preps after leaving Europe to move back to Asia for the second time so we are starting now again from scratch.

Like in Europe we will store lots of rice. Its cheap here in SE Asia and we eat it anyway. We will also add more fruit trees and create a food forest according to some permaculture principles. Gardening and growing our own food or at least a bigger part of it is also on top of our priority list.

I will do some research in the coming days if I can find a way to get a reasonably priced gun anywhere. They are pretty expensive here and we will still have expenses for our garden coming up in the next weeks but yeah those are the most important things.

Probably also organizing our storage. Besides our small first cabin we have a bigger storage building and need to organize all our stuff in there. We probably get a local metalworker to build some more shelves for that.

To clarify this we wont stock any comfort foods because we dont eat them anyway. Even today we mostly eat fresh produce so our focus will be more on self sufficiency than on typical prepping. I will still keep at least half a year of rice, cans and some vitamins around though.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")