The 75b is close to the same gun, minor changes such as the firing pin safety that was added but realistically the same gun.
And yes, the stainless versions are pretty much the same.
I like stainless but prefer carbon steel properly coated or plated after all smithing is done. The stainless is slightly softer/stickier in machining and can benefit from the same coatings or plating.

The European ipsc and idpa for years were dominated by the CZ and Tanfoglio variants. The Glock has taken a lot of that as far as carry guns, but for the unlimited class, the steel guns are still king.

The EAA Witness is a CZ clone made by Tanfoglio and can be a decent option. Especially for those in Florida. The currently made ones are a little sharp, corners and edges but the metallurgy has improved over the last 30 years also.
Skip the poly framed guns, the steel will out last them.

I had a TZ compact 9mm go through the shop a while back, it was very hard to let it go. Hindsight being what it is, I should have held onto it.