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ronym wrote:
satiric mode on…<br>
( explaining this FREE ENERGY thing need some joke )<br>
because sometimes people really don’t understand what he is talking about<br>
the hoax thing in internet ?<br>
perpetrated by tin hat foil ?<br>
actually FREE ENERGY are not as exotic as it is look<br>
just ask Solar Cell inventor or expert in solar cell industry<br>
what really happened in that “pieces of silicon chip”<br>
so it can generate electricity, only with sun ray<br>
you must be kidding ?<br>
how about producing free energy from temperature differences ?<br>
thermoelectric or peltier<br>
you must be violated any law of thermodynamic don’t you ?<br>
you know physics ?<br>
but how to explain solar cell producing something ( electricity ) from “nothing” ( sun ray )<br>
( ya ya ya… it’s just sun ray… it’s “nothing” )<br>
how about converting wind to electricity ?<br>
how about converting rotational or any movement to electricity ?<br>
( there must be somekind of object movement in outer space isn’t it ? )<br>
or pressure to electricity ( piezoelectricity )<br>
atmospheric electricity ?<br>
converting lightning to ordinary electricity ?<br>
ah… i must be dreaming…<br>
this free energy thing are really confusing

Yes, I think you get it Ronym

I’m talking about tapping what Tesla called the “Wheelwork of Nature” and getting into the Aether.
Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics both rely on the Aether for their calculations. What I am attempting is to isolate and harness a long-known effect in electronics theory that seems to be connected. In fact, the Aether is powering our devices directly, but we mask out it’s effects with mass electron flow, and kill our dipolar battery source by polluting our positive plates with this electron current. John Bedini has done great work in this field, he was known years ago to have a device that charged his batteries from an equal but opposing bank, whilst it ran his electrical needs. Electron Current is for powering devices, but it kills batteries. Did you know Voltage can exist in the absence of current??? ;) So do Magnetic Fields :D

Knowing these things is key to understanding and manipulating the forces involved.

I need to get out my white board and do a youtube explanation. But OPSEC prolly rules this out :(

Back on topic, “How I see ‘GOD’ ”
I believe God has given us the tools to make our world a better place, but look at how far off base we have gotten. Oil Companies and oil tax collectors have suppressed energy for 100 years, but the time to bust out is close. God designed the universe, and we can dig out the info and use it for good or evil. High Time for using it for GOOD!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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