Toby C
Toby C

Thanks for the commens so far, all excellent stuff and some really great observations, also thanks to Elijah for the PM :)

Hi Selco, yes, the ‘end of the world’ salesman were a big influence in compelling me to write this article!

Hi Whirlibird, yes, I agree. My plan is to write a series of subsequent article going through each ‘scale’ and using my EDC as an example of how the principles are applied. I’m part way through writing ‘scale 1′ now and plan to have it as both an article and a video (I’m aware different people prefer different media, so it seems sensible to deliver in multiple formats) This also gives a chance to go into much greater detail and explanation, as I said previously the main idea is to help out ‘new beginners’, I think this is potentially a really nice way to do it :)