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just another idea…
actually we don’t have to wait until the SHTF take place
i know… it sound strange idea
but as we know ( every prepper or survivalist must be know )
in every SHTF event whether it is natural or “man made”
there must be “sign” and step
( thank’s to Selco who already describe it very well )
take an example… Tsunami
in few ancient text ( and in few old culture ) there are “sign” before Tsunami really hit
( in Nias island which have “old wisdom”, few old people has seen sign before Tsunami
such as, animal ( wild animal ) run to the hill, etc
so does earthquake, etc.
in man made SHTF like war
before actually happened, there must be rumor about war ( war threat, ultimatum, etc )
as a prepper, we will know is it serious threat or just ordinary threat
if it is serious threat, the we will know when and how it really take place
( maybe we will know in the news about troop and battle armor take a move or any public announcement about war… or even the opposite… if it officially denied than maybe it’s true )
for “stealing”…
maybe i am not discuss about morality
rather i have another idea about other possibility
why we must steal if somebody willing to take a ride with us ?
just simple ask… or some mutual agreement / cooperation
maybe with our friend… or family…
or someone we doesn’t know but he/she are honest people
( i know it seems in SHTF situation are impossible, but who know ? )
buy the way there are somekind of “attraction” law ( actually it’s God’s causality law )
good people will attract other good people
so does believer will attract other believer
and of course prepper will attract other prepper
any good deed will be punished by other good deed
( if we are steal other people thing then sooner or later we will “reap or harvesting” what we are “sow”
it’s just a matter of when … and how )