Like the best?

Colt Woodsman.

Or did you mean combat guns?

For a 20 year gun, I don’t mind the polymer guns. You just need to consider their lifespan, time not round count.

In a steel frame, the CZ75 and good clones are some of the best feeling and handling guns out there, especially after a little tuning. My opinion now.

The Smith 45xx series are built like tanks and are as heavy as one also. About the only issues I’ve ever encountered were a broken extractor and a bad rear sight.
My last 645 was a beast and would shoot with my Gold Cup for accuracy.

The 1911. I will never be without one or more. I have 30 years working on and with the platform, nothing is as natural in my hand after all these years as a lightly modified 1911.

In modern guns, bluntly you can’t really go wrong with a Glock, H&K, S&W or S-A. You just have to accept that they won’t be functional to use in 100 years if your great grand kids need them.

Unlimited funds? Grab and go?
A Sphinx. And that’s saying something from a guy who builds custom 1911s.

SJ, my son stole my slingshot.
I need to get another.