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by the way, the same meteorite or moon rock are also solving our crucial problem
how can we breath ?
( can we found oxygen in outer space ? )
if we want to mining meteor or moon rock or in other planet to get gold, silver, platinum, etc
yup… the same rock that contain gold, silver, platinum
also have iron oxide, alumunium oxide, titanium oxide
and many-many more metal oxide
that’s ton’s of oxygen in every rock in meteor, moon and every planet in every galaxy


Lunar soil is rich in oxides of silicon, calcium and iron.
In fact, 43% of the mass of lunar soil is oxygen.
One of the most common lunar minerals is ilmenite
a mixture of iron, titanium, and oxygen.
To separate ilmenite into its primary constituents,
we add hydrogen and heat the mixture.
This hydrogen reduction reaction is given by the ‘molar’ equation:
FeTiO3 + H2 — > Fe + TiO2 + H2O
what about water or hydrogen in Mars ?
maybe not as we expected before


May 28, 2002: Using instruments on NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft,
surprised scientists have found enormous quantities of buried treasure lying just under the surface of Mars
enough water ice to fill Lake Michigan twice over
And that may be only the tip of the iceberg.