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Interesting Asteroid mining data:

As regards the precious (and “strategic”) metals such as the platinum group, cobalt, gold, gallium, germanium, and others, the lower the Fe-Ni metal content, the more enriched the Fe-Ni metal is in these rare and precious metals and elements. These elements readily dissolve into the metal that exists, and the less metal that exists, the less diluted they are. Many asteroids are richer in most of these precious metals than the richest Earth ores which we mine. Further, these metals all occur in one ore when it comes to asteroids, not in separate ores. As discussed later in this chapter, the exact same process used to extract and separate these precious metals from the world’s largest nickel ore mine at the Sudbury Astrobleme in Canada is easily used in space, and is a simple process using only carbon, sulfur and oxygen, all of which can be derived from asteroids, too.

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Richer ore grades than those found on Earth… :D

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