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actually we live in interesting era
1000 years ago gold and silver only for money, jewelery, etc
but now ?
silver are in every where
( cellphone, laptop, computer, anti bacterial wound plaster, solar cell, ink and thousand more industry )
600 million oz of silver are used every year in billion of product
not only silver, gold also used in variety way
which is 1000 years ago people never imagine it before
did you ever look at computer microprocessor ?
or SIM Card on our cell phone ?
what kind of shiny yelow metal in the pin / connector of it ?
yup… it’s copper plated by gold
and why is gold, silver ( and copper ) are important metal in information age ?
yup they are electrical and thermal conductor
copper are in every electrical cable
silver or gold in every electronic circuit / connector
gold and silver are also one of asset class which is not other people liability
( another asset class are land, property, etc )
gold, silver and copper also have interesting capabilities
– anti bacterial
– the best ray / light reflector ( silver )
– melleable and soft metal so it can be bend to form microscopic conductor ( such as in microprocessor )
– it’s electrochemical properties are suitable for battery electrode
( such as in watch battery, computer button cell battery )
– anti corrosion ( oxidation resistant )