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Here’s another idea, Jerusalem was often visited by diverse peoples and tongues all through history. so it could have already happened. My dad is what is called a “preterist”, believing the whole of Revelation has been fulfilled. I tend to see it as a template of all the end times from the end of the 1st century until the second coming, as stated above. I have also spoken to a converted Jew at work, and he believes just like my dad. Most religious jews want to cultivate the premillennial perspective, as it generates political power and financial aid. I believe Israel is an ally, but not for these reasons.

I’d leave the post up, no harm in generating discussion!

The book of Revelation is the one major in-depth study I have done, and the good news about ALL the major interpretations of it, is that they all start in the same place, and all END in the same place. That being said, the end is simple: If we are on the right side, WE WIN in the END!

I have heard the millenium mis-represented as giving people a second chance after death…
or after the second coming, when there is no doubt and no faith needed. But most say this is incorrect.
Those that teach this would be misleading non-christians to think they will have a second chance.
Bad deal for them if it is not so…

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