For the first 6000 years we lived in agrarian societies. Production of goods never significantly out paced the production of gold. Additionally the size of the population was limited and the need for additional currency wasn’t nessecary. – 74

So you say… man, talk about thread drift.. :)

We could argue what societies existed in the past for the rest of time, and still be no closer to the truth than we are right now…

Humans – just like us. Same intelligence, imagination, drive, etc, as us – have existed for what? 200,000 years? And during that whole time, all of our history worth mentioning occurred in the last 6,000 years? What happened to the other 194,000 years? We just lived in caves and chucked spears? Picked berries and such?

Yeah, not buying that. I’m of the opinion that many civilizations have risen and fallen over the hundreds of millennia we have been here. There have been what? 4 major glaciations in the last 1/4 million years? You drive a glacier a mile thick over something man-made, and it ain’t gonna be around very long. Even the eggheads on that goofy History Channel show “Life After People” all agree that anything we make might make it 10,000 years… and that’s just Mount Rushmore and the Pyramids. Anything lesser probably won’t make it. For all we know, there could have been multiple civilizations – dozens – that have risen that we don’t know squat about and never will…

All the above does not discount or disprove your statement that there ain’t enough PM’s to go around because there’s too many people. And I would agree – there’s too many people in the world.

If we wanted to use PM backed paper money – just for us here in the US or just for say, Western Civilization, it could be workable… just don’t let anyone outside the club have any. :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1