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Aluminum is much much MUCH more common, and corrodes away to dust. Gold does not.

There is a group formulating a poly-metallic money standard, represented by a friend of mine on silverdoctors.com and his handle is PatFields. They have calculated that a “Copper Standard” could realistically back ALL the trillions of U$D, along with Gold, Silver, (and possibly Platinum?) The last figure I have seen from his group is approximately 6 grams of Copper (roughly 2 old copper cents, ¢) to equal the U$Dollar.

Other misconceptions I have seen regarding Silver and other PMs:

Current Silver to Gold Mining Ratios are just under 9:1, almost 1/2 of the “historic ratio” of 17:1 listed above. Source: http://www.usdebtclock.org/gold-precious-metals.html

GOLD is practically impervious to corrosion and oxidation. It is so good at this, it is sometimes used in critical electrical connections, even though Copper and Silver are waaaay better conductors! But most electronics do not need a big conductivity number, as much as a constant connection. Gold works well where there is a make and break (temporary) connection that must not corrode. Silver and Copper are better where the connection is permanent. Silver and Copper are better where they can be shielded from oxidation and corrosion, and better where higher loads are required.

Silver will be “economically feasible” to be recycled from these scattered landfill-style (currently) sources when Silver reaches a price level of approximately $350-$400 per Troy Ounce, with today’s dollar valuations. So if the U$D devalues by 50%, these numbers go to $700-$800/ozT as a result.

Regarding God and Money:
The Bible states that the Love of Money is the root of all kinds of Evil, but how uch more evil is it to seek after this fake paper and ink that is so much less??? Horrible situation our world is in, spiritually and economically.
A Poly-Metallic Standard is not only POSSIBLE, but likely our only feasible, realistic answer.

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