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Me neither. I have read various people since the 1970s ascribe whatever was going on at the time to fulfillment of some prophecy or other, and the Tribulation was about to start, only for it to come to nothing. While I believe the Trib is not all that far away I’m inclined to think that what is going on now is more of those lesser things that happen in human history, the “wars and rumors of wars” that Jesus spoke of that are not the end yet.
I think the idea about the smart phones is that they could be used in the way the article hinted at, but not a certainty that they will. Before the coming of smart phones the world viewing of the two prophets was assigned to television and satellites, which works just as well. If the event doesn’t happen for some time, who knows what new technology may come along that would possibly fulfill the role.

Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea for me to post the article, because it can lead to the thought that smart phones will be the vehicle by which the prophecy will be fulfilled, and I am concerned about misleading people. Maybe I should take it down. I’ll think about it after I get some sleep.

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