Well I can say that a steel framed 1911 will have no issues other than wood grips cracking.
Been there, got the tshirt. Years ago, a great many 1911’s were overamped by hack smiths and the slightest pressure would open up the case head.

Sig’s aluminum frame P220 tends to both crack grips and can expand the frame a bit, depending on the severity of the pressure problem, a double charge will make a mess of the gun.

A few years ago, I ended up with a box of commercial reloads for the 10mm.
I was practicing for department qualifications and was going to shoot the G20 first.
For some reason I went with a Colt Delta Elite first and had two case head failures in the first magazine.
Bad cases again, the ammo was “Fed-Lite” velocity.
I didn’t save the cases but one of the other rounds from that batch was later fired in the same Delta with the same results.
Unmodified barrel ramp, and has handled much heavier loads without any issues both before and after.

The gun was and is fine, still running today.
Had I shot the G20, it would have opened up worse than the above 21.