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I work in folks’ homes all day long, and it’s usually obvious if they’re awake or not. I make it a point to do very good work & leave them feeling they got great value for their money. In times to come, I am sure this will work in my favor. I also pay attention when I’m at our local shooting range, gun/sportsman’s shows, local surplus store, Home Depot, etc. Having useful skills and using them to benefit your neighbors isn’t a bad idea either…If you see a neighbor working on something and you lend a hand a few times, you might just find a new friend, which is where community starts, particularly when they lend you a hand without you having to ask. I don’t always say yes when someone asks me for something, but if they are already doing whatever they are able to make progress on their own, then I usually am glad to help. For me, it’s not so much how far along someone is, but more which direction they are headed…