Actually I’m down to just the 30 right now.

The rest were allowed to leave when friends and customers decided they needed them more than I did/do.
Moving the shop wasn’t inexpensive.

I’m in the process of gathering some more and rebuilding them how I want them, as well as shop examples.
I’m looking at a couple of 22’s to chop into 23L models (like the 19L above), and a 23 to chop to fit 27 mags.

However the 20 will be replaced regardless of which others I get, it is honestly the best Glock available, accuracy, power and capacity combined. And the large frames fit my hand nicely.

Did I mention that I don’t like Glocks? True.
I don’t like them, but I have a good amount of respect for them.

And in my experience, they’re not bomb proof, I’ve broken several and sent a number back to the factory with cracked frames. But they are a good 20 year gun, then send it back when the frame starts having issues.

Not bomb proof:

3 month old gun with bad ammo.