Okay, another way I might look at EDC to literally empty your pockets and go through what you have with you and the reasons and uses for each item.

Then take each item and use it in one or more examples so the beginner can both read what you are explaining and ‘see’ it in use. Your video for example, grab a couple of those same plastic bottles and metal cans and show how many uses they have, such as ‘canteen’, a funnel, a pot using hot rocks to boil the water, etc.

Then move onto each ‘level’ of EDC, explaining each level, the contents and reasons for each.
For example, the use of a particular sized bag for that Level 2 gear, not a particular brand/bag as each person will find what works for them, but the size itself so it can hold a certain amount of gear but not too much.
And the reasons for the gear in that bag, why it’s in that bag rather than on the person, and why this gear is in this bag rather than in a larger bag (backpack/BOB).

For the beginner, you need to start simple, with as much explaining about each item and the reasons for each as can be put in the article. For example, why so many different methods of making fire with you/on you? Ferro rod, lighter, matches, flint and steel, etc. Why the multiple knives, why the different knives/blade shapes, etc.

And reasons for regional/geographical differences, those who live in the mountains have different needs than someone in Manhattan or London. That memory stick is of little use in the backwoods of Wyoming but may be a lifesaver in Chicago. Conversely, the belt knife in my bag would likely get me a nice stay in the local jail of most major cities (especially in London) but would be conspicuous in its absence around here when in the sticks.