Some good advice here. I would like to lend my own viewpoint to the matter…

You’re thinking about it all wrong. You’re thinking “Well, if my car/truck dies, then we’re back to using shank’s mare (hoofing it on foot).” Wrong.

Let me relate an anecdote that was told to me by a SF Master Sergeant a very long time ago..

There’s two groups of soldiers drinking in a bar. One is comprised of Rangers from 2/75th and the other is comprised of SF troops from 1/10th.

An orderly runs in and says “There’s going to be a war tomorrow in (insert distant city)! You all have to be there by tomorrow!”

The Rangers put down their beers, ruck up and start humping it to (insert distant city).

The SF guys have several more rounds of beers. Then they steal a car, put their gear in it and drive to (insert distant city).

The point of all this is mindset.

Yeah, you can hump it the whole way – all 2000+ miles of it (by the way, your boots won’t hold up if you try that). Or, if it’s SHTF, you and yours can steal (“appropriate”… “liberate”… whatever euphemism you want to use) a suitable car or truck and drive there. If it breaks or you blow a tire and there’s no spare, then steal another one. Point is, when SHTF, all the rules go out the nearest handy window. Why should YOU play by a set of rules that does not apply anymore? Yeah, yeah, I know because morality, law and order, etc, etc… but if I were staring down the barrel of having to hump all my stuff 2000+ miles? Yep… stealing a car or truck becomes my first priority. No gas? Steal a diesel and make fuel from old cooking oil, lye and octane booster… yeah, it will clog the filter and/or make the truck run like shyte, but so what? It’s SHTF and there will be stuff laying around for the taking… even stealing a bike would be better than humping all that crap 2000+ miles…

Carry a funnel, a bucket, a hammer and a screwdriver with you… you don’t need to syphon fuel from old cars. Just get under it, put the bucket under the fuel tank and knock a hole in it with the screwdriver and hammer… owner’s probably joined the Choir Invisible anyways, so the fuel is just gonna sit there and go bad…

Will you run the risk of getting shot? Yep. But in a SHTF situation, you’re gonna run the risk of getting shot anyways… often for any reason, or no reason… might as well make risking your life worth it.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1