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I was not trying to sound like a buzz kill. We as preppers prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Worst case is Pheonix would have to walk the whole way. There are so many variables just in SHTF circumstances alone that it would be impossible to prepare for every one of them and be able to hike home with the gear. I find myself hundreds of miles from home on a regular basis due to work. The terrain that lies between where I am and home is no walk in the park. I have family members/ friends in place that will make sure my immediate family gets to our BOL in the event that I am not home when SHTF. I will meet them at the BOL as soon as I can. As I stated above I do not know Pheonix’s preps or if they plan on bugging in. Those factors play in to how long Pheonix has to get home before his family has to leave. For the distance being discussed ways of procuring additional supplies will be just important than the supplies carried. If you are hiking you will run out of your carried food before you get home. Same with water. I would recommend a small light .22, some snare making materials as well as a slingshot. Water containers, multiple means of water purification and fire building tools will be a must as well. A good knife will not be optional. A 10’x10′ piece of plastic or tarp would go a long way in keeping you dry and out of the elements. A compass. I carry a light weight net type hammock in my bag as well. It’s a place to sleep off the ground, can be used as a net or used as a bag to carry things. Hopefully you will be able to drive the whole way there and won’t need all this stuff but it is a place to start if you can’t.