Brother Razor and Brother Freedom,

I know you can’t eat gold or silver.. but, silver buys you food. Gold buys your life. There is a reason why every SEAL that is deployed into harm’s way carries with him 10 Gold Eagles.

In truth, my thinking was similar to your own some time ago… Yes, I can invest in Gold Eagles, but honestly – who can “make change” for a 1 ounce Gold Eagle? Especially around here? Most of our PM’s are silver – Eagles and old US coins. I find it highly ironic that one gallon of gas in today’s money – $3.35 as of right now, at least around here – is exactly the same – the equivalent – as it was back in 1964 – 35 cents. Except the 35 cents is one silver quarter and one silver dime. We do have Gold Eagles, but in smaller denominations – the 1/10th oz and 1/4 oz ones… those will be right handy, but come at a premium…

The problem, I feel, isn’t semantics. I feel that since August 15th, 1971, when Nixon “temporarily” broke the Bretton Woods agreement and divorced gold from the dollar, there has been a concerted effort at reprogramming everyone into thinking that gold isn’t money. Prior to that date, with the dollar backed by gold, gold WAS money… it’s been “temporarily” divorced from the dollar (heh… how many people still believe that line of BS?), but now we’ve spent our way into a crack and there isn’t enough gold to back the dollar – even if we WANTED to re-establish the gold dollar, we can’t…

If you look at the value of gold and silver prior to 1913 – what a gold dollar bought (assuming that the “dollar” was actually gold and was actually one ounce), the goods and services you can buy today isn’t all that different from those you could buy prior to 1913. The “dollar” itself is worth less than 95% of what it was in 1913… but gold is eternal.

Yes, some people will value other items more than gold, depending on circumstances. A starving man will turn down a handful of gold eagles in favor of food. But in my opinion, these are exceptional circumstances that last relatively briefly – a shakeup or disaster – and when it passes, the old standard – gold – will be accepted again.

By the way, “you can’t make a weapon out of it”…. from a metallurgical standpoint, pure, dead-soft gold would make a fair substitute for a lead musket ball or bullet, provided the velocities are not too high. Alloyed, it would make a better bullet as you could shove it faster, making it more effective…

It would be one damn expensive musket ball, but it would do the job… :) Just sayin’….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1