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for me there is only “Two”
the True God… and the false
the false God can be Lucifer, Satan, Demon, Diety, Spirit in other world, Trees, etc
that’s why in 10 commandement God speaking about “other God”
“I am the LORD thy God… Thou shalt have no other gods”
“No graven images or likenesses”
“Not take the LORD’s name in vain”
and by the way humankind have hundred if not thousand of different languages
( in my country alone there are hundred local languages…
that’s why we have “national languages”, to communicate with other people in other “race” or island )
if i speak “chair” to my neighbor, it’s only few who understand it
but if i speak “kursi”, many of them understand what i talking about
so does “God”…
many people in my country will not understand what we are talking about
but if said “God itu bahasa inggrisnya Tuhan” or “Allah”, many of them understand it
so it’s just about languages ?
maybe… but still we have to describe it to understand what we talking about, such as :
God who created earth and sky
God who created Malaikat ( Angel ) Jibril ( Gabriel ) or “Ruhul Quddus” ( “Holy Spirit” ), human, syaitan ( satan, devil, lucifer ),etc
God which send his messenger to send his message to people in the world
like Nuh ( Noah ), Ibrahim ( Abraham), Musa ( Moses ), Yakub ( Jacob ), Ayyub ( Job ), Sulaiman ( Solomon ), Zakaria ( Zachary ), Daud ( David ), isa ( yesua / yehesua ) etc
God who have Jannah / Surga ( Heaven ), Naar / Neraka ( Hell )
are we have similarities about which God we are talking about ?
okay next…
who command to worship only one God
( “qul hu allahu ahad”, “Katakan, Tuhan itu satu = Ahad” )
forbidden to worship other God besides him ( shirk, syirik )
none in the creation is equal to Him
(“Walam yakullahu kufuwan ahad”, “Tiada dari ciptaan-Nya yang serupa dengan Dia )
who have special day to worship him, like Sabbath ( Saturday, in the day of isa or yesua or yehesua ) or Friday ( Jumat, in the day of prophet after isa )
but God i know are not command to worship him in Sunday ( the day of Sun ),
if i am not mistaken, there are “Sun God” in Greek mythology
or “Ra” in Egypy mythology
hmmm it seems like i have to describe it in at least three different languages