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Pheonix let’s be blunt. The likelihood of you traveling 2,200 miles in SHTF and making it in time to be of help is about as likely as winning the lottery. We are talking about a major SHTF where standard transportation is a no go, be it EMP, Gov takeover or whatever other variable you want to apply. I don’t know what level of preps you have at home now but If the threat is so widespread that standard transportation is unusable for any distance, what is the likelihood your loved ones will still be in place by the time you arrive home. Even if you had all the supplies you needed and were able to travel 22 miles a day that’s over 3 months. I think your best prep would be to put whatever measures in place that are needed to make sure those left at home can make it without you. I know this idea sucks and the thought of not being there breaks your heart but it is what it is. I’m not saying don’t even try to go home but a heck of a lot can happen in 3 months and that is what you need to prepare for. You may make it home, it’s just a matter of when. The other option is don’t go.