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it seems family and small group will easier us in the next 10 years
in this world we will have two big group
( it’s mentioned in every holy book, so it’s not a strange idea )
what ever their “job” is ( police, military, doctor, teacher, farmer,etc )
but they are not as one entity or even one nation
( that’s why it’s hard just to make clear line )
first group are good allied forces
and the last are evil allied forces… who walk the path of satan
if i am not wrong, i cannot find many satan “allied forces” in prepper community
every human being cannot get away from sin, even big sin
but we have some ethics ( or can we say God commandment )
we will not turn to satan allied forces in our heart
( sometimes death threat can turn us become satan “army”,
but in final battle we still have to choose …
straight to hell… or going to heaven )
we just want peace
( for satan worshipper, peace are not profitable )
we prefer flee to avoid “contact” with other group
we have some kind of “rules of engagement”
opress or attacking other group without a reason are not in our dictionary
we just defending our family and group ( or other group which attacked by opressor )
we will not kill people just for fun… even if we have to
for satan worshipper, killing and torturing human are some of their “ritual” to get more wealth, power, etc…
even some of them keep their enemy body ( like skull, ear, etc ) for “souvenir”
people with faith to God will not do that, whatever their religion is
i am a muslim… our god ( Allah ) forbid us from killing people
even in war, we are forbidden to cut enemy dead body, insult them or just torture them
( not only sinfully and evil deed, cutting dead body or insulting them are insulting God creation )
ISIS are not representation of us
and even ISIS are slaughering our mujahedeen ( jihad fighter ) in Syria, Iraq, etc
that’s why ISIS are not only your enemy… they are also our enemy
it seems rural vs city have somekind of interesting line or border
which coincidentally separate this two big group
rural area become peacefull place for believer of God
and somehow city become dark evil place
which worshipping satan in every place and moment
it’s glamourous life full of usury or interest , full of brutal group ( gang, drug cartel ), sinfully deed ( adultery, etc )
and have somekind of opressing gubernement, legalized by law
so it’s not peaceful place for God believer
maybe it can explain why prepper and God believer choose rural area for their next place to go ( if they still in the city )
or protect it with their live
if “city army” seize rural people’s property, force them make sinful deed, etc