Toby C
Toby C

Any and all feedback is welcome. I posted this article principally for two reasons:

1) I’m aware from reading profiles there are a lot of people just ‘getting started’ and as Matt says need help wading through BS, so the ‘foundation’ aspect is for them.

2) I have not seen a piece like this written elsewhere, so for the ‘experienced’ people on here, I wanted to throw this out to confidence check that it ‘rings true’.

Certainly I am far more of an orator than a writer, but it’s something I’m working hard on, and again this forum is invaluable as far as having a sensible place to have ‘critique’ of ideas (instead of the mass trolling present elsewhere on the web)

I did think of ‘serialising’ the article and breaking it into smaller chunks, but overall I thought it’s then easy to ‘loose’ parts, so decided to keep it together as one (longer) article :)