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Whirli I think this piece is aimed more directly at someone trying to figure out how to wade through the ocean of bs and armchair opinions out there. Someone who wants to be prepared but is still working their way along the how of it not someone with 30 years experience. I agree with you there are things I carry every day that just will not change becuase they are tried and true in my environment. What this article does do for the experienced is at least make them think for a minute about what they do carry and are there any newer better versions out there. Take mobile communications for instance, they were non existant 30 years ago unless you were filthy rich. Then there were pagers. They are still useful in some circumstances but hardly the best way to communicate now. I do agree that the article does cause one to drift a bit. It think there are to many layers 1234 a b c d . It just seems like a lot to remember as you get towards the end. The information was good though to help someone weed out the “You GOTTA have this, this, and this”, that gets pushed by the vendor writing the article.