Okay, not to be critical but I found the above to be a bit hard to read.
From a technical standpoint well done, but for me, a little rearranging would have helped keep the article in focus.
I found myself drifting a few times and having to go back and reread the paragraph.

A ‘hook’ to catch the person’s attention and hold it is essential when discussing dry material or material that everyone has an opinion about and their own views. To keep them from skimming ahead.

As to changing my EDC, that’s hardly going to happen without some extreme circumstance, it’s been developed over the last 30 years and has kept me both alive and going through various situations. Augmenting the daily carry may happen, but not without some serious need or development.

There are certain items that one is not going to give up easily, even with knowledge of other means and methods. Ferro rods are one item that are replaceable but honestly are easier to carry than to make do without. I teach my Scouts primitive fire starting methods, and can do so fairly easily but when cold and wet it’s faster and easier to just use a lighter or Ferro rod.
Pocket knives, same thing. One can generally make a sharp edge with a piece of glass or stone chip but the labor involved is often more than it’s worth to just carry a knife with you.

There are times, where the more you know, the more you carry. But that is generally situational.
For example when I go to the city, I tuck a couple of extra magazines in my kit, and a lighter in my pocket instead of the Ferro rod.