<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Brulen wrote:</div>Before the .22 ammo crunch in Ny I managed to acquire a couple of bricks of aguila 60gr. subsonic and have been looking for a .22 rifle for it. The walther g22 seemed good with a 20 inch barrel. And then I thought a bolt action .22 with a longer barrel would be better. Any suggestions so I can buy something useful. If there were a sig in Ny I’d consider it but I think they’re all banned by now. Stainless would be good in the climate here. 10 shot mags only though.

The faster the barrel twist, the better with the 60gr SSS loads. The 1:7 twist available in some barrels does better than slower twists for accuracy.
And the longer the barrel, the better.
My old Marlin M39 (24″ barrel”) does well with them, but it’s no quieter than ‘target’ ammo.

If you can find one of the older Remington 510 (511/512) series of rifles, you may be well ahead in your search.
Light, full sized and accurate. And best of all, normally more than reasonably priced.