The 10/22 is like a Camaro, you can do a lot to it.
And there’s a couple of things that need to be done, in my experience.

Moat of the tactical .22s are junk, period.
For every good one, there’s the rest.

AR15 uppers, don’t skimp on price, you want a decent barrel to start.
Secondly, take it to your smith and have him polish the living daylights out of it. If ir moves, polish. If its a bearing surface, polish.
Fire lap the barrel (your 10/22 also), it will pay off in spades.

Im a.22 snob.
And bluntly there are zero modern .22s I will buy.
Why? Simple, the quality and attention to detail isn’t there unless we are talking a $1000 Kimber or Cooper. Even the CZs aren’t what they were 20 years ago.

If I have to go and put several hours work into a rifle to make it shoot like a rack grade Remington or Savage from the 60s that I can get for $125, we have a problem.

When modern guns break before 75 year old rifles, we have a problem. My 30 year old Marlin bolt gun may be on its third firing pin, but it has consistently outshot more expensive rifles, despite the trigger.

There was a point in time, people took pride in what they made, a little bit of each person who built that rifle was in each one. Today its all assembly line junk.