Not to presume anything, but do you know the difference between “money” and “currency”?

“Money” has intrinsic worth. Meaning, “money” is worth something just by existing. Gold. Silver. Copper. Platinum (also known as “Bastard silver”).

“Currency” is what passes for “money”. It is paper, nothing more, backed by nothing.

It is conjured out of thin air by our respective Central Banks, then loaned to our respective governments at interest. It is also known as “Fiat currency”. “Fiat” means “force”. It is literally our respective government forcing us to accept what they tell us as “currency”. If they wanted to, they could declare used snot rags to be “currency” tomorrow, and there is little we could do. To pay back this debt to the bankers, our respective governments tax you and me and take the fruit of our labor.

An ounce of gold mined and refined 4,000 years ago in Egypt has the exact same worth – value – as an ounce of gold mined and refined yesterday. It is important to note that the VALUE of the gold does not change. It is only the worthlessness of our respective currencies that changes in relation to gold, not the value of gold itself. When the price of gold goes up, that means your currency is worth that much less.

Used to be, all currencies were backed by gold and silver, if not made of the actual genuine article. Then came Bretton Woods. At this meeting, the movers and shakers decided that only the dollar would be backed by gold, and then all other currencies would be tied to the dollar. An idea which worked for about 15 seconds….

In 1971, our President broke the Bretton Woods agreement and divorced the dollar from gold. This meant that currencies (now, no longer “money”) were only worth something when compared to other currencies. Which also opened the floodgates – with gold and silver backed money, you can only spend as much as you have and no more. Remove that, and now you can spend as much as you print.

In 1971, our debt was 400 Billion dollars. Within 10 years, it had topped 1 Trillion. Within another 10 years, it was 5 Trillion… now, it stands at 18 Trillion. That’s just what they will admit to. If you count “Unfunded Liabilities” (which are things you promised to pay for in the future, but have not come due yet) the number is actually closer to 100 Trillion… to put this in perspective, one trillion seconds ago it was 30,000 BC…

Sooner or later (probably sooner) this house of cards will fall. When it does fall, those who created the house of cards will know well in advance. By the time YOU find out, it will be too late. “Bank Holidays” don’t close the banks… they close the banks to YOU and other people, but not to the banksters or the government. By the time they open, you’ll find your little nest egg, your savings, is long gone… or greatly diminished….

Buying “stuff” – literally trading worthless fiat currency for hard, 3 dimensional assets that will retain value – is always a good idea. Unless you have a giant pile of fiat currency, you’ll have to do like the rest of us and eat the elephant one bite at a time. One month, buy a good sheath knife or long term food or something similar. Next month, buy whatever precious metals you can – usually silver. Gold if you can afford it. Build your preps as best you can, while you still have time.

One good investment that will be worth it’s weight in solid platinum will be a good MAP. Not just a road map. A topographical map that shows waterways, which are seasonal, which are permanent. Where major and minor cities are. Where farmland is located. You can use it to plan a route, and alternate routes, to wherever your hidey hole is located as well as find a good location for a hidey hole…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1