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um a world without a medium of exchange like money does not work well for instance you have corn but you want jeans no place will sell you cloth or finished products but a pig farmer will buy for pigs then you need to find a person who will trade pigs or corn for jeans.. time consuming ans wasteful.

Money has to be around to lubricate trade, what is necessary is a way this can be done without debt nor the ability to dilute the currency.

i am 4ever easy way to define what is good and vil along with what is god that everyone can agree one is simple, In the beginning there was light… big bang

In regards to good and evil, the question needs to be framed in a religious and scientific method that co inside so that everyone can agree no matter what side they stand on. To this end we all can agree that the worlds started at a singularity and a big bang, in the bible this is god saying let there be light, in science the most readily accepted big bang theory. So we start from a point and expand outward we are all made of same things as we all come from one point. The question is what are we moving towards?
In science we have a Idea called the tendency towards complexity it says all things evolve to more and more complex states over time, we see this in the world all around us. Ask yourself if we are getting more and more complex what is the ultimate form of complexity? would that not be god? So science and religion agree just have different way of saying it. Do you agree?

So if we are evolving towards something then everything we do that helps us to get there is a good thing and everything that slows us or stops us is a bad thing? Do you agree? going towards god or away from god, scientist evolving or stagnating and regressing one is forward motion the other is backwards.

So now we have what is premise of good and evil how do we judge how good or evil and act is? That is much easier to frame, ask yourself this if everyone would kill someone would this move us further or closer to the ultimate complexity? that tells you if it is good or evil, but it also tells you how bad it is enough killing and we would cease to exist and no longer be able to evolve which is extinction which is the ultimate bad. If you apply this to something at is lower on the scale say stealing or lying it shows you with the end result how severe the problem is. It also shows you what good is if everyone would love their neighbor as they love themselves would this help or hurt us?