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I wasn’t going to reply to this post. Just for insight, I’m essentially an atheist with a twist: I believe in forces we humans cannot possibly understand; perhaps we never will. I think many religions have tapped into a sliver of the truth, but they are inevitably corrupted by the perspectives of the authors of their writings. That being said, I am pretty well read on the Abrahamic religions (along with a few others), and I am fascinated by prophecy. I think sometimes, very rarely, certain people are granted a momentary glimpse into what may be.

The biblical books of Daniel and Ezekiel especially interest me. There is a pretty robust write-up with a focus on Ezekiel here: http://trackingbibleprophecy.com/gog_magog.php
I don’t think the author is completely spot on. I disagree with him on some points, but his work is very well grounded in the writings and he gives pretty good references and illustrations.
The reason I wasn’t going to post was because I figured the timeline was ambiguous at best. However, in light of the Israel/Hamas ceasefire announced today (and the sense of jubilation resulting from it), with Iran threatening a surprise attack right on the heels of the ceasefire, and Russia’s involvement with some of its old satellite nations, it appears as though things may be progressing more quickly than I imagined! Time will tell.