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gotta also add, that money is a devil kind of..

Now we dont much buy things which we just need. It also lets us buy things we want. and if we got more of it than just needs and some wants, we can spent it on things we just want to entertain ourselfs a bit of time,..

And, how does money go when you buy something with it? it isnt disappearing. Someone else has is, minus taxes. Then that someone else uses it to buy more supplies to replace spend ones, keep part to himself, and some goes to taxes.. He can spent it similarly.. And all those things its spent on, is like on that pencil story.

Imo Money is like a drill, which goes deeper and deeper inside the core, like some downward spiral kind of.

i think most of our nowaday problems are caused by it. It makes it possible to have corrution and many other problems. Most of the problems i think. It makes it possible that there is some “leeches” who only can be there because of it, and could not exist without it. If we would like to change how things are and go, should money go among the first things.

Some might claim that developement isnt going forwards without it. i say, sure it can go forward. Many people invent many things without money being involved at all. Sure, money makes many things easier in bad and in good, but it seems that the bad things are weighting more in the scale.. and will be.

without money, things would go much more real, and in need level.. as at least for me, there is huge difference between need and want. For many, its the same thing.