There is much more than we ever can learn, and yet we, humanity are learning all the time more and more, and in same time, things get more and more complicated.

There is an essay I think you will enjoy, written 60 years ago by a gentleman named Leonard Read by the name of “I, Pencil”. Goes directly to your comment above.

In short, a pencil is something that is so humble and inconsequential in our lives that we think nothing of throwing them away at will. But, not one single person on this earth can make a pencil, start to finish.

Certain people have discreet knowledge of how certain parts are made – the mining of the graphite or the mixing of the yellow paint, for instance. But not one person can build a pencil from scratch. Not. One.

I think you will enjoy reading this…


By the way, I read about how a student of Mechanical Engineering decided, for his final project, to make a toaster from scratch. Mining and refining the various ores and materials involved, etc. Fabrication of all parts, by hand, including springs (anyone who knows anything about metallurgy knows what a pain in the ass making a spring by hand is…)

It took him a couple years, but he did it. It looked like SteamPunk meets Mad Max… all thick steel and rivets…. but it worked…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1