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i somehow feel that gov´s around are purposfully tightening the rules/laws for ppl, while in same time say that they say they are defending their freedom, as well, make wars which they claim that they defend that nations ppls freedoms so they also can live under the same rules & laws :D Something says that there is something really odd in that formula.

I think, that they use of monetary system and which all its laws, and other problems with regulations, new taxes etc which makes keepin farms, property and land, is harder and harder all the time, that many ppl have to sell their property, farms etc.
I see that monetary system is “abused” to archieve in that and in same time, security laws etc are tightened, with various “reasons”. What it is going to be in future, when laws etc are so rought, that it will allow almost any treatment to civilian population, which is seen as cancer as they do not own anything, and, being one without home, property etc makes you kinda hobo, which might turn to be illegal. Beggin was made here where i live, illegal, with lots of media attention to some ppl who arrived this country from country where there is lots of poor people. There wasnt too many of those but was enough “reason” to pass through the law. Just like it was preplanned or something. Just thinking that when SHTF situation and so cal normal ppl found themselfs in exact the same situation. Many things like this i see happening. I think its because the economic/resource crash is in future, and perhaps not too far ahead.

Perhaps Govs will handle the situation just by hiring more and more security personnel, to keep things/proterty secure from hungry/angry ppl, and those who are left out have to deal it with others.
so, imo, there will be increase of security jobs in future.. Might be useful job, least it might guarantee that you at least get food etc, as you will be guarding someones/companys property from ppl who are in desperate situation.
Shitty thing is, that its you who is between mob and that property if you take the job.

If it goes the war scenario, it is different i believe. If its civil war, its the above kind scenario imo.
Hard to say for sure.

Now, here, learning skills, knowledge, everything, to find good solutions to different situations possible to come.

At least, when even partially prepared, it makes one feel more secure especially when he himself sees that future is not going to be nice.