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GRA I live in Texas too. Judging by your other post, probably not more than 2 hours from where you live. That gumbo clay is some nasty stuff. The water table in your area may only be 6 feet down but you may have to go a good bit deeper to get to fresh water. A shallow well might only yield salt water being close to the coast.You stated you lived in the city. That would be another reason to go deeper since you don’t know what contaminants might be in the upper layer of soil. There was an article in Backwoodsman magazine a while back that had an article about digging your own shallow well. I will have to look through my back issues to see which one it was. They used a well point, which is like a corrugated steel pipe with a spike on the end, and drove it in with a weighted t post rammer. They added pipe as they went until they got the depth they wanted. I just don’t know how well it would work in your soil.