I dont know exactly what my water table is up in the Dallas, Texas area. I’m actually in Rains County, Texas which has 2 huge lakes; Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork. Lake Fork is a championship bass lake. I’m about 6 miles from each lake. In a hurricane bugout situation I will only need well water for about 7-10 days at the very most. Usually we would return within 24-72 hours. We will not need anything long-term. With just 2 adults and no children, I feel an 8 x 16 cabin is fine with another possible 8 x 10 for out door toilet, laundry, and shower. Cooking will be accomplished with a propane grill and/or wood stove that will be in a smaller screened-in enclosure. This is my plan so far. I have to start somewhere and the long-term bugout needs will be addressed later. Thanks for all the tips. Anything else will be much appreciated.

Many of them cried; "Me no Alamo - Me no Goliad" and for most of them these were the last words they spoke.